HB 1550

HB 1550

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The Supreme Court must have parenting plan guidelines for parties

in a proceeding involving the custody and visitation of a child.

The parenting plan guidelines must be available on the Office of

State Courts Administrator’s website.

CHILD SUPPORT (Section 452.340)

There is a rebuttable presumption that the award of child support

in the amount established by the application of the guidelines is

the correct amount of child support to be awarded. Currently, a

written finding that the application of the award guidelines would

be unjust or inappropriate is required only if requested by a

party. This bill specifies that such a written finding is required

and sufficient to rebut the presumption in the case.

CHILD CUSTODY ORDER (Section 452.375)

Currently, the court determines child custody that is in the best

interest of the child. This bill specifies that when the parties

have not reached an agreement, the court must consider relevant

factors and enter written findings of fact and conclusions of law.

The bill prohibits a court from presuming that one parent, based

solely on his or her sex, is more qualified than the other parent

to act as custodian for the child.

This bill requires any child custody order to include a written

statement that gives notification to the parties that if any

provision of that custody order is violated, the injured party may

file either a verified motion for contempt or a family access

motion in order to enforce the provision that has been violated.

The bill allows the court to enter an interim order regarding child

custody only when the parties have received a notice and a hearing,

unless the parties otherwise agree.


This bill requires the court to consider, in a proceeding to

enforce or modify a permanent custody or visitation order or

judgment, a party’s violation of a parenting plan without good

cause, for the purpose of determining that party’s ability and

willingness to allow the child frequent and meaningful contact with

the other party.


The bill requires the Office of the State Court Administrator to

modify the current handbook regarding parenting plans, as

specified, and make the handbook available on-line and upon request

by the party.

This bill also specifies how each party in a child custody case is

provided a copy of the handbook.

The bill changes the effective date of the repeal and enactment of

certain provisions of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.


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